Therapy Overview

Therapy Overview

Why Choose Brighter Outlook

Brighter Outlook is a safe place where you can work through the issues that are stopping you from living your life to the fullest.

As well as her expertise gained in supporting thousands of individuals and couples, Nova brings compassion and empathy to her therapy sessions, where you will feel not only heard, but understood.

She helps you to understand and process the issues that seem insurmountable at present, and put the pieces of your life back together with concrete strategies to heal. Nova believes that therapy can help everyone, and a supportive, nurturing environment, respectful of diversity, is provided for individuals from all cultural backrounds, sexual and gender identities.

No two people will experience their crisis and trauma in exactly the same way, and at Brighter Outlook you will be supported as the unique individual that you are, to live the life you desire.

Life has this way of presenting us with situations that can impact our mental health, and not processing these feelings can be like plugging up a hose and then turning on the tap.

Eventually that plug is going to come unstuck, and you will have as much control over these emotions as you would with an exploding hose. Anxiety, depression and anger are common symptoms that people face when they don’t understand, or lack the ability to control certain parts of their lives. As humans we see no problem in putting in our car for a service so that it doesn’t break down, or at the slightest rattle in the engine we take it to be repaired, and yet we overlook regular maintenance on two of the most important things in our life – Our mental health and our relationships.

At Brighter Outlook we help you to accept, normalise, and even look forward to therapy! Our goal is to help you to explore and process the feelings that are preventing you from being happy, to determine the underlying reason behind them, and empower you to take back control of your life.

Are you feeling sad, anxious, stressed, depressed, or perhaps angry all the time and you don’t always know why?

Are you self medicating with alcohol, food and/or other drugs to escape these feelings for a brief time which ultimately makes these feelings worse? Perhaps you are experiencing parenting issues, intimacy issues or you have unprocessed childhood trauma that is negatively impacting on your ability to be happy and thrive in the present.

We offer a range of services to provide you with support you need

Online and Telephone Counselling Available

  • Individual Counselling
  • Couples Counselling
  • PTSD Counselling

Online and Telephone Counselling Available

  • Narcissistic Abuse Counselling
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Mental Health

Our Appointment Types

Brighter Outlook Counselling will provide a confidential, safe and nurturing environment for you to talk with a counsellor who “gets you”.

In-Person Counselling

In-person counselling involves meeting with a counsellor, either on a one-to-one or two-to-one basis. Our in-person relationship counselling services are available to all residents of Brisbane.

Online (Zoom) Counselling

Our Online Counselling using Zoom is a private and secure way where you can receive one-on-one mental health support from our counsellors, all within the convenience of your own home.

Ready to Talk?

At Brighter Outlook, a confidential, safe and nurturing environment is provided for our clients
to talk with a counsellour who actually “gets it”, and will help you to get your life back.

One on one professional support is provided worldwide via skype or zoom.

For enquiries or bookings please contact Nova at

or phone (Brisbane) 0433317580