Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Almost all couples will agree that maintaining a stable, loving and positive relationship and marriage is no easy task and requires hard work. Individuals entering into a relationship come from different upbringings and backgrounds, and understanding your partner does not always come naturally.

Consequently, many relationships suffer difficulties due to such things as communication breakdown, division of labour within the home, difference in parenting styles, lack of feeling validated in the relationship or important to one’s partner, and subsequent lack of intimacy.Relationship Counselling and marriage counselling assists with providing a sense of relief for couples from the various issues that exacerbate the tension, frustration and stress levels for you as a couple. As your counsellor I will work with you to engage new and more effective strategies for dealing with problematic behaviours and situations, such as the rules to “fighting fair” so that anger and hostility are reduced, listening and hearing your partner is paramount, and “finger pointing” is minimised.

Relationship counselling and Marriage Counselling can break down the barriers that are blocking the positives once taken for granted such as kindness, trust and respect, and restore the bond that brought you together in the first place. Working through your issues in a comfortable setting with your counsellor, an impartial, professional 3rd party, will help you to resolve your conflict more efficiently and move forward. The fact that you are making an investment in your relationship reflects that you are committed, and counselling is the first step in that process.

The first part of the relationship counselling process will provide each of you with the opportunity to discuss openly and honestly, the issues at hand from your own perspective. In order to resolve these issues, I as your counsellor will guide you so that blame is not attributed simply to one or the other and you are working as an alliance with a common goal.

As you progress through the counselling process, and you have re-discovered how to listen to and understand one another, you will be able to lead happier, more fulfilling lives together with a perhaps even stronger emotional connection than you ever had before.

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