About Brighter Outlook

About Brighter Outlook

Introducing Nova

Introducing Nova Gibson. Director and Founder of Brighter Outlook Counselling Service.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Social Science (Behavioural Science and Counselling)

Nova Gibson has extensive experience working in the government sector (child safety), with individuals, couples and families experiencing crisis and trauma in their lives. She has seen the worst in people, and the best in people and her clients have been various, ranging from abused children, troublesome teenagers, to men and women struggling with depression and inner conflict.

This experience, combined with the life experience she has gained raising 6 children culminating in a step family of her own, has enabled Nova to provide a compassionate, understanding, non-clinical and non judgemental approach to her counselling sessions.

Nova is passionate and dedicated to helping people achieve their goals and to live the life they desire. Nova aims to understand your unique situation, and make it easy as possible for you to talk ……… and feel like you’ve been heard.

If you are not sure where to start, there is no time like the present. Phone Now. For enquiries or bookings, please contact Brighter Outlook Counselling on 0433 317 580 or click here to email us.

Ready to Talk?

At Brighter Outlook, a confidential, safe and nurturing environment is provided for our clients
to talk with a counsellour who actually “gets it”, and will help you to get your life back.

One on one professional support is provided worldwide via skype or zoom.

For enquiries or bookings please contact Nova at nova.pollard123@gmail.com

or phone (Brisbane) 0433317580