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Our Services

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At Brighter Outlook Counselling service, a confidential, safe and nurturing environment is provided for you to talk about what’s bothering you, and empower you to meet life’s challenges in a more positive frame of mind.

The Brighter Outlook Difference

At Brighter Outlook, we understand that life can be tough at times. Whether you’re going through a challenging phase or simply seeking personal growth, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our only goal is to guide you towards finding meaning, happiness and and everything in between.

Brighter Outlook provides a welcoming environment for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, faiths, and lifestyle choices.

Our clients seek therapy for various reasons, including addressing issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, grief, relationship challenges, questions of identity, self-esteem, navigating life changes, coping with trauma, or simply maintaining and safeguarding their mental well-being by connecting with a counsellor.

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Individual Counselling

You can change your life with the help of Counselling at Brighter Outlook. You will realise that you are not alone, and the challenges you are facing in life are not quite so encumbering as you thought and can be managed or overcome.

Professional, caring and compassionate, personal counselling is offered by your counsellor around a wide range of areas.

Relationship Counselling

Have you tried relationship counselling before, and it didn’t work?

Almost all couples will agree that maintaining a stable, loving and positive relationship and marriage is no easy task and requires hard work. Individuals entering into a relationship come from different upbringings and backgrounds, and understanding your partner does not always come naturally.

Brighter Outlook can help you to re-discover how to listen to and understand one another, leading a happier and more fulfilling life together.

Narcissistic Abuse Counselling

Have you tried couples counselling that didn’t work?

Narcissistic Abuse can be a bewildering experience, often unrecognised for years. Victims may have even attended counselling with their narcissistic partners, where their partner twists everything, causing further manipulation and victimisation.

Nova’s expertise assists victims in rebuilding for a brighter future.

Online Counselling

Research demonstrates that online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. Clients consistently find the convenience of online sessions beneficial to their mental health journey.

Despite the virtual setting, online therapy nurtures genuine connections between you and your counsellor. Just like an in-person session, your counsellor can still observe your non-verbal cues and expressions, ensuring effective communication and support using Zoom.

Our Appointment Types

Brighter Outlook Counselling will provide a confidential, safe and nurturing environment for you to talk with a counsellor who “gets you”.

In-Person Counselling

In-person counselling involves meeting with a counsellor, either on a one-to-one or two-to-one basis. Our in-person relationship counselling services are available to all residents of Brisbane.

Online (Zoom) Counselling

Our Online Counselling using Zoom is a private and secure way where you can receive one-on-one mental health support from our counsellors, all within the convenience of your own home.

Ready to Talk?

At Brighter Outlook, a confidential, safe and nurturing environment is provided for our clients
to talk with a counsellour who actually “gets it”, and will help you to get your life back.

One on one professional support is provided worldwide via skype or zoom.

For enquiries or bookings please contact Nova at nova.pollard123@gmail.com

or phone (Brisbane) 0433317580