Counselling Services

We offer a range of professional counselling solutions to individuals, couples, and families including:

Personal Counselling

You can change your life with the help of Counselling at Brighter Outlook. You will realise that you are not alone, and the challenges you are facing in life are not quite so all encumbering as you thought, and can be managed or overcome. Professional, caring and compassionate, personal counselling is offered by your counsellor around a wide range of areas including:

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Narcissistic Abuse Counselling

Narcissistic Abuse is a dark and confusing tunnel where victims might spend years not realizing what is happening, unaware that their abuser has maliciously and intentionally created a world to isolate, demoralize, and dehumanize their victims to better feed and supply their disorder.

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Relationship & Marriage Counselling

Almost all couples will agree that maintaining a stable, loving and positive relationship and marriage is no easy task and requires hard work. Individuals entering into a relationship come from different upbringings and backgrounds, and understanding your partner does not always come naturally.

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Family Counselling

Families come in all different shapes and sizes and are ever changing in today’s society. Family Counselling can help when problems and conflict arises around issues such as divorce and separation, adolescent behaviour impacting on other family members, sibling rivalry, school issues such as bullying and truancy, concerns with alcohol and drugs, step family and blended family concerns, depression in adolescents, adult depression brought on by parental “hopelessness” financial stresses or ineffective parent/child communication.

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Troublesome Teenagers

Living and coping with a teenager, can sometimes be all consuming. Adolescence can be a tumultuous time and we as parents were not born with a handbook on how to deal with the changes in what was once your “pleasant, easy going child”.

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Men’s Counselling

Many men go kicking and screaming to counselling, concerned they will be made to talk about their “feelings”, and in today’s society this can be a difficult thing for a man. If encouraged by a partner to seek counselling, many men see this as an act of criticism, and resent their partner for suggesting that they have a problem they are unable to fix themselves. Men are rarely encouraged to talk about how they feel and especially within their own circle of male peers, this can be seen as a “girly” thing to do, and a lack of strength and character.

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