Hi, my name is Anthony and I am 38 years old. Three years ago my partner and I went through a very rough period and she was going to leave because I didn’t understand her and the needs of our three children. As a last attempt to save our 12 year relationship I agreed to go to counselling. I wasn’t sure at first but as soon as I met Nova I felt at ease talking to her about the things that were going wrong in my life. As a result not only did I learn a lot about myself but I also learnt a lot about the things that make a relationship work. I am proud to say that Anna and I are still together and are happier than ever before.Thanks Nova.


When I came out of a bad four year relationship I had no confidence or self esteem. I suffered severe depression and thought often about taking my life. My doctor referred me to Brighter outlook counselling service and I haven’t looked back. Nova showed me how to face the problems that I had been through in the past and move on to the future. I now have confidence in myself and I can look forward to indeed a brighter future.

Brooke, 23 years


Blending a family is hard. Much much harder than my partner or I could ever imagine. We dated for around 3 months before introducing our children to each other, and they hit it off straight away. Around 12 months later, we decided to move into a new family home together. We discussed it with our children and they were excited. Within four months our relationship was on the ropes. Power struggles between my Partners’ 13 year old son and I, and his constaint arguing with my 10 year old daughter had my partner and I at our wits end. It got to the point we were hardly on speaking terms and could not agree on a way forward. Thankfully my Partner discovered Nova at Brighter Outlook Counselling. Nova was wonderful. She understood our frustration and pain, and was able to not only give us the tools to deal with the demands of a step family, but also a way to help my Partner and I to rediscover the reason that we wanted to be together in the first place. I am forever grateful to Nova, for helping us to become one big happy family.

Brian, 42


When my 17 year old daughter started rebelling against me I was distraught. We had always had such a great relationship. I tried grounding her and taking away her mobile. We fought nearly everyday and I was at my wits end. A friend suggested counselling and although Abbie refused to come I went along on my own. When I met Nova a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Nova had children of her own and had experiences some of the problems I was facing. All of a sudden I was not alone and I had someone willing to help me through. Nova suggested some girl time with my daughter so we could just hang out and talk. When I began to follow the suggestions Nova was giving me I found a whole new world opening up. A world where Abbie and I became friends again. I realised I was punishing her behaviour without finding out the cause. What a difference that revelation made to my relationship with my daughter.
Janice, 41


When I met my wife we fell inlove easily. Our relationship was never an issue. The relationship I had with my 11 year old step son was a whole different story. Whatever I told him to do, he did the opposite. I worked hard and tried my best to be a good role model for him. When I first met Nova it was like a light switch going on. Nova asked me how I had built my relationship with my stepson and I realised that I never had. I just went in thinking I had the right to be his father figure. Nova worked with me in building my relationship with him and I was astounded with the progress we made in such a short amount of time.
Allan, 38