Troublesome Teenagers

Living and coping with a teenager, can sometimes be all consuming. Adolescence can be a tumultuous time and we as parents were not born with a handbook on how to deal with the changes in what was once your “pleasant, easy going child”.


Did a spaceship appear one night while I was sleeping and replace my loving child with a neurotic alien?

This is what it may seem like for you. Suddenly, without warning, the child you once thought you knew and loved is gone and has been replaced by this foreign being. The strategies you once employed to maintain a close and loving relationship with your child are now ineffective and the words “I hate you!” are thrown around the place like m & m’s during Halloween.More serious issues that you may be dealing with include worries about drugs and alcohol, depression, bullying, questioning sexuality, relationships, the impact of the internet, single parenting, or the impact that a step family or blended family has on your adolescent.

Adolescence is a time when your child is trying to make sense of the world and define their own place in it. Hormones are raging, their body is changing and the future is sometimes daunting! Peers become more important than parents once were, and can greatly influence the direction your child chooses to take. Many teenagers find it difficult to talk to their parents, sensing their parents are not on the same “wave length” and will simply not understand. Getting to know your teenager and committing to listening to them, and not necessarily condoning but understanding their point of view with family counselling, can re-establish the loving relationship that was taken for granted when they were little.

On a lighter note, it IS possible to survive this period of your child’s life. At Brighter outlook Counselling you will be speaking with a professional counsellor who has experienced the bliss of living with teenagers, who has had to bang on walls to gain their teenager’s attention as their ipod, a more permanent fixture to their body than underwear, is turned up loud enough to drown out the requests of a “nagging” parent. Through Brighter outlook counselling you will be better able to navigate the winding and unpredictable, and unfortunately sometimes “rocky” road ahead, and to come to terms with the fact that your teenager is only lying to you when their lips are moving!

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