Men’s Counselling

Many men go kicking and screaming to counselling, concerned they will be made to talk about their “feelings”, and in today’s society this can be a difficult thing for a man. If encouraged by a partner to seek counselling, many men see this as an act of criticism, and resent their partner for suggesting that they have a problem they are unable to fix themselves. Men are rarely encouraged to talk about how they feel and especially within their own circle of male peers, this can be seen as a “girly” thing to do, and a lack of strength and character.

With Brighter Outlook Counselling, we have recognised the need for a more practical, men’s counselling service that allows them to comfortably address their issues and concerns without the fear of being judged by anyone else’s standards. With this approach, men are able to gain a better understanding of the fact that strength comes in defining, and working through your issues, not burying them and hiding them.Issues that are typically addressed in men’s counselling are those around separation from their children due to a relationship break up, struggles with financial responsibilities, work, depression, suppression of emotions, feelings around loss of power or control in their lives, and relationship difficulties.

Men’s counselling at Brighter Outlook is the ideal environment for you to “offload” with an understanding that this is by no means a threat to your independence or self assuredness, but simply the most productive and logical way to move forward as a happier person.

With Men’s counselling, your counsellor will work with you to identify your strengths and provide you with new, more effective strategies to cope in your current situation.

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