Family Counselling

Families come in all different shapes and sizes and are ever changing in today’s society. Family Counselling can help when problems and conflict arises around issues such as divorce and separation, adolescent behaviour impacting on other family members, sibling rivalry, school issues such as bullying and truancy, concerns with alcohol and drugs, step family and blended family concerns, depression in adolescents, adult depression brought on by parental “hopelessness” financial stresses or ineffective parent/child communication.

Let’s face it. Not very family is like the Brady Bunch, where conflict is easily managed and everything always turns out ok in the end because they love each other. In real life, families are under enormous pressures to meet mortgage repayments, exorbitant petrol costs, school and daycare fees, and other essentials such as groceries just to name a few. All of these stresses impact on our ability to maintain a loving and stable family environment. Family counselling with children and adolescents brings families together to improve communications, address everyone’s concerns and strengthen family relationships.

In family counselling, your family will be viewed as a whole system, where each individual member’s behaviour impacts on the functioning of that system. As your counsellor I will help you to identify the ways that problematic behaviours arise and are maintained through the family workings, rather than simply looking at one person’s negative behaviour and allocating a “blame and fix” solution to that individual.

At Brighter Outlook we recognise these every day issues that each family faces, be it conventional, a step family or a blended family, and will help you to manage these stressful times more resiliently, to heal family rifts and be more respectful and tolerant of one another.

With new strategies in place to cope with conflict when it arises, a new insight into each family member’s role and the impact of their own actions, a greater understanding of each other, and capacity to listen and learn from one another, your family can live together in harmony.

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